Nick Moss is one of Australia's most innovative practitioners and educators who focuses on brain-based approaches to improve health and performance. He believes the understanding of what we can do when working with the brain is one of the most important topics for the planet at this time as it has the ability to change people from the inside out across multiple fields such as: Medicine, Fitness, Sport, Corporate Performance, Childhood development, emotional health, trauma, anxiety and Gut Health. 

Nick is a pioneer in the field of functional neuroscience and holistic health. He is here to show people how things fit together. How the body and mind are completely integrated and that we can have massive long-lasting change when we work on this level. 

Join Nick at one of his 5 workshops and begin your journey towards optimising your vitality, happiness, health and wellness. 


Harnessing the Power of the Brain for High Performance.

The brain literally holds the keys to reaching high performance. Modern research in the field of Neuroscience has shown how we can create rapid change within the brain by harnessing this knowledge.
This talk will explore how the brain functions and how simple drills can be used to improve total brain function.
What we cover:
•  How total brain integration is the key to health
•  The different areas of the brain that affect your performance
•  Quick drills to drive neuroplasticity to those areas
Practical applications include: 
•  Brain drills to improve emotional resilience
•  Brain drills to improve memory and cognitive function
•  How to improve whole brain function

Workshop: 2-3hrs

Hacking your Brain for Vitality and Longevity.

This talk will cover the main areas we need to be addressing to improve our energy and vitality for the long term.
What we cover: 
•  How intermittent fasting can reduce inflammation, improve energy and boost brain health
•  How excessive stimuli creates fatigue and reduces vitality
•  How your subconscious mind could be stealing energy from you
Practical applications include:
•  Self-lymphatic drainage to boost our energy and cellular health
•  Movement practices that stimulate energy and vitality
•  Releasing limiting beliefs that may be hiding in your subconscious mind so you can achieve what you want to achieve

Workshop: 2-3hrs

98% of Pain is in your Brain.

Pain is essentially an output of your nervous system in response to threatening stimuli. If pain is still present after the tissues have healed then it is an issue within the brain and nervous system. 
In this talk we will explore the reasons why pain would hang around and some other unlikely causes of pain. 
What we cover:
•  How the brain perceives Pain and projects it into your body
•  Why “Threat” is the most important topic in pain
•  Why treating the site of pain is usually the wrong way to approach Pain
Practical applications include:
•  Demonstration of how fast pain can be taken away by working with the brain
•  Movement drills to get rid of pain
•  Psychological hacks to improve pain perception

Workshop: 2-3hrs

Train your Brain to Beat Stress.

One of the major factors that effects the functioning of our brain is the level of stress we have and the level of stress our brain can take before it breaks down.

Essentially how well we can handle stress in an output of our brain and nervous system. When we have a robust nervous system then we have an easier time coping with the stressors of modern life.

What we cover:
•  How stress affects the brain
•  How resilient your nervous system is against stress
•  How to hack the nervous system to beat stress

Practical applications include: 
•  Vagus Nerve hacks to beat stress and improve social engagement
•  The use of breath work to calm the mind
•  Lifestyle factors for a healthy brain

Workshop: 2-3hrs

Sleep your way to Optimal Brain Function.

Sleep is one of the most important processes we have in the maintenance of brain health and it’s free. 
In this talk you will learn how to create solid sleep hygiene routines and understand what may be causing your lack of sleep. 
What we cover:
•  What happens to your brain if you don’t Sleep
•  The Sleep secrets of elite performers to help them perform at their best
•  Why your brain can’t switch off at night 
Practical applications Include:
•  Brain hacks to help your brain switch off before bed
•  The use of exercise and stretching 
•  Daily and nightly practices based off of the latest in scientific research

Workshop: 2-3hrs


Nick is one of Australia's most innovative Health and Fitness practitioners and educators. After his time as a soldier in the Australian Army, Nick developed a keen interest in high performance and rehabilitation. From there he studied Personal Training, Kinesiology, Mind-Body Medicine and Integrative Medicine which equipped him to deal with the types of complex issues clients were presenting with. 

He became a lecturer in those modalities for the College of Complementary Medicine and has written courses in the field of Sports Therapy Kinesiology, Corrective Exercise and Manual Therapy. Nick is continuously studying the human brain and nervous system. Most recently Applied and Functional Neurology and a Bachelor in Myotherapy.

Nick has a holistic but targeted approach to understanding human physiology at a very deep level. Nick's clients have typically been to see a range of other practitioners with minimal results and require a different approach. 

Nick also holds the position of mentor with the Applied Movement Neurology academy, mentoring students all over the world in the practice of AMN. 
  • Medical Neuroscience (completing)
  • ​Bachelor of Health Science in Myotherapy (completing)
  • ​Advanced Diploma of Integrative Complementary Medicine
  • ​Diploma of Sports Therapy Kinesiology (course author)
  • ​Diploma of Kinesiology
  • ​Diploma of Mind Body Medicine
  • ​Cert IV Fitness 
Professional Development Courses:
  • ​Bali AMN Mastermind Practitioner Retreat - Applied Movement Neurology Academy 
  • Post-Concussion Rehabilitation – Integrated Kinetic Neurology
  • Human Movement Science – Brookbrush Institute
  • ​Integrative Health Applications – Stop Chasing Pain
  • Neuro Flexibility Workshop – AMN Academy 
  • AMN Holistic Health Coach – AMN Academy
Professional Certifications:
  • ​Master Practitioner – Applied Movement Neurology Academy
  • Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Technique – Foundations Modules
  • ​Functional Neuro Articular System Level 1 – Emrys Goldsworthy
  • ​Transcutaneous Vagus Nerve Stimulation Certification – Emrys Goldsworthy
  • ​Quant Bio Frequency Therapy Level 2 – Quanta Therapies
  • Level 3 Certification Homeostasis/Master Practitioner – Applied Movement Neurology Academy
  • ​Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy Level 1&2 – ANF Academy
  • ​Mastermind Applications – Applied Movement Neurology Academy
  • ​Level 2 Certification Neuro-skeletal – Applied Movement Neurology Academy
  • ​Level 1 Certification Cerebellum – Applied Movement Neurology Academy
  • ​Osteospinal OS – Bowen Therapy Basic Course NST Health
  • ​Scientific Shoulder & Back Training – CHEK Institute
  • ​Program Design – CHEK Institute
  • ​Primal Patterns Conditioning - CHEK Institute


When our bodies are out of balance it affects all parts of our lives, from our physical health to our energy levels, our relationships, our work, our family and our mental health, to the way we manage stress and how we feel about ourselves.

If you feel ready for a real transformation; if you want to reset your body and explore your human potential, then an Integrated Vitality Retreat is ideal for you. The retreat provides a personalised approach to addressing your individual health challenges and you'll leave with a personalised plan for the future to ensure you reach your full potential. You will gain an understanding of how to action your dream and what is your underlying purpose on this planet. 

Our integrative health practitioners use functional brain-based approaches in the treatment of the brain, body, psyche and spirit. We draw from a variety of different clinical modalities across complementary medicine to create lasting transformation.


  • Transform through a structured program designed to address 9 zones of your vitality, identify your blocks and challenges and support you to move past these and create radical, long-lasting changes in your life. 
  • ​​Immerse yourself in a nurturing environment where meditation, breath-work, yoga and clean, heathy food will complement your healing, while daily education sessions will provide a depth of understanding and give you the tools to navigate life in a healthier way. 
  • ​Learn from and be treated by world class practitioners at the top of their field in health and well-being.
  • Connect your mind and body to understand and address your pains and challenges such as fatigue, pain, stress, overload, headaches, digestive issues, sleep issues, lack of energy, posture and movement restriction. 
  • ​​Develop connections with a small group of likeminded individuals who share a collective group energy.  


Limited Places Available. 6 nights. Early Bird prices start from $3,578 
Ask us about additional 2020 retreats


  • Nutrition: Learn about mitochondrial nutrition and intuitive eating techniques. Understand the basic building blocks of anti-inflammatory nutrition. Discover the benefits of intermittent fasting. Nourish your body on a daily diet of cleansing whole food. 
  • Environment: Discover how external factors such as wifi, electrical fields and pollution effect the body and its detoxification processes. Learn techniques that address the lymphatic system and other detox organs. Cleanse your internal environment utilising colonic irrigation.  
  • Movement & Posture: Understand how the brain drives movement and posture and learn drills to address mobility, stability, flexibility, strength and balance. ​
  • Breathing, Water & Sleep: Appreciate your body's need for clean water and it's role in vital health and ageing. Address your sleep blocks and discover techniques to fine tune your sleep habits. Experience breath-work that expands and opens your diaphragm. 
  • Stress, Pain & Inflammation: Learn about the 3 stages of stress. Understand pain and where it comes from and how we can use it as a teacher. Learn about the pro's and con's of inflammation and how to create an environment that modulates it with Vagus Nerve Stimulation
  • Energetic Medicine: Learn ancient techniques and modern scientific understanding of how to work with the energy system of the chakras and the meridians. 
  • Brain: Learn about the pivotal role of the Brain in overall health. Understand different divisions of the brain such as the left and right brain and the 3 brain theory - and identify your brain's default mode of operation. Learn how to harness the brain's ability to create rapid change instantly. 
  • Mindset & Emotion: Identify the root of emotional feelings and discover limiting beliefs that are holding you back from achieving your potential. Understand the underlying drivers for some of your behaviours using various psychological profiling tools.   
  • Purpose & Planning: Define and connect to your divine purpose. Imprint the vision of what your dreams are and use the energy of the group to help you move forward towards your purpose. 

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